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“A Multipurpose Robot for Military” by moses dhilip kumar


               “A Multipurpose Robot for Military”



In the world that has an enormous potential for
conflict, militaries around the world are taking
Patton’s words very seriously. Right from the
ancient times, the foot soldiers has fought and
won the battle for the victor. However, over the
past  decade  or  so,  the  infantry’s  role  has
changed - the emergence of smart munitions and
precision aerial bombardment has resulted in the
infantryman  entering  tough  urban  combat
situations to mop up any remaining resistance.
Tomorrow’s heroic soldier isn’t going to jump
into the battle with just a ballot-proof Kevlar
vest,  a  backpack  sized  field  radio  and  a
commando knife clutched between his teeth[7].
Our system is the first of several such programs
that  are  looking  at  revamping  the  infantry
soldier’s gear. Our system basically has two
modes. One mode is the automatic mode and the
other mode is user control mode. The automatic
mode uses face recognition technique to combat

intruders. In certain unavoidable circumstances
the control comes to user who can control the
operations of the robot from remote location
using a computer. One of the main advantages of
our system is that the mode switching can be
done very fast with out any delay. It also helps
to provide medical aid for needy. Our system
can also be used to detect and defuse the bombs.
Thus our aim is to provide a robotic system that
can combat in wars and other military purposes
One can create life no one has the rights to
destroy it. The saying goes like this. Right from
the early stage millions of humans have fought
for their country and have lost life. Here in our
project we are going to take up this issue to
build a robotic system which can combat in wars
and fight with the intruders [3]. The first thing in
our project is to identify the intruders which are
being carried out by using facial recognition

technique. Our robot not only fights it detects
bombs and diffuse them. It has also got the
capability of terrain climbing. Our robot also has
the capability of detection and diffusion of the
fire. This project is sure to create revolution in
the infantry.
There is much advancement in the field of engineering, robotics in particular. Many robotic systems  have  been  developed  for  various purposes. There are certain systems which are used for automatic motion of vehicles in road and wheel chairs which can help disabled. There are also robotic systems which can be used for defense  purposes [2].  In  addition  to  these
advancements there are also robotic systems
which can combat in war times. This robot is
named "Security Warrior" and consists of five
systems including vision, motion; robot arms,
power estimation and remote supervise. The
vision  system  is  used  to  carry  out  human
detection and tracking [1]. The motion system is
built by using embedded systems and used to
achieve motion planning in real time. One of the
main things to be noted is that all that have been
discussed above is only under R & D (US
DEFENCE) and are intended to be implemented by 2015[9].

Here  in  our  existing  system there  are  only
remote monitoring for robots are available. Here
in our system we are going to control the robot
from  remote  location  in  addition  to  remote
monitoring (i.e. User Mode). Our system also

has an automatic mode in which it can take its
own decision for combating. In addition to this
we are also including some of the features like
bomb detection, bomb diffusion, fire detection,
intruder detection. Thus our system is more
reliable to combat the enemy than the existing
system.  We are going to control the robot from
remote location by using a computer. Our robot
is also capable of detecting and diffusing the
bombs more quickly [6]. It can either be done
through automatic mode or by user mode. Our
system also contains fire detection module and
intruder detection module which is being carried
out by using facial recognition techniques [5].

4.1 Microcontroller:
_  Microcontroller is an microprocessor
with memory unit.
_  There  are  many  microcontrollers
available in the market which helps
in providing highly-flexible and cost-
effective solution to many embedded
control applications.

4.2 Earth Mine Detection:
_  As the robot designed by us is capable
of moving around different places by
detecting     different    obstacles     the
presence of a earth mine can be easily
detected by using earth mine detection
sensors and other methods [2].
_  We place the sensor in the robot which
moves to different places and at once if
it detects with earth mine or a bomb it

gives signal to the handler by using
mobile phone.
4.3 PIR Sensor:
_  The Robot will have the PIR sensor,
which  will  help  to  detect  the  alive
human beings [2].
_  The human body radiates infrared waves
with   wavelengths   of       8   to      12
_  Whenever any human being comes in
the vicinity of the system the IR system
gives the Signal.
4.4 LDR:
_  LDR’s are employed to sense the Fire;
here  we  use  powerful  and  sensitive
"LDR" (Light Dependent Resistor) for
the flame detection.
_  Normally LDR senses all the lights.  But
in our case we have to sense only Blue
and Yellow flame and reject sunlight
and other luminaries [2].
_  We have provided necessary circuit to
reject ambient and luminaries lightings
and senses only desired flame coloring.

5.1 Automatic Mode:
_  Here the user has no control over the
robot. The robot takes it own decisions
and  performs  the  required  operation
using AI.
_  At   unavoidable   circumstances   the
control automatically goes to the user.
5.2 User Mode:
_  Here in this mode the user has the full
control of the robot.
_  The user can control the robot from the
remote  location  and  perform  the
required operation.
5.3 Bomb Detection
_  Laser  Gun  can  be  used  to  Detect
Roadside Bombs. A image is as shown

_  Trained wasps are used to detect the
bombs [4].
_  They are contained into a device called
as “Wasp Hound” which gives an alarm
or triggers a visual signal.

_  NQR (Nuclear quadruple resonance) is
another  technique  for  detecting  the
5.4 Bomb Diffusion:
_  Bomb diffusion can be made in both the
automatic and in the user modes.
_  In the automatic mode the robot detects
the bomb and diffuses it by disabling the
circuitry of the bomb [9].
_  If the detected material in the bomb is
RDX then the robot applies a heat of
above 200C.
_  The RDX decomposes and melts at that
_  In case of failure in automatic bomb
diffusion the control automatically goes
to user mode.
_  Once the user gets the control he can
diffuse the bomb from remote location.
5.5 Intruder Detection:
_  Here in this module the intruders are
being   detected   by   using   facial
recognition techniques.
_  Here a database of our infantry is stored
and this is compared for detecting the
_  There  high  quality  facial  recognition
technique which can even detect a face
covered with mask.
5.6 Combating:
_  Once the intruders are detected by using
camera   the robot starts the combating
operation  based  on  the  opponent

5.7 Terrain Climbing:
_  Our   robots  produce  their  electro
adhesion forces by applying a  small
amount of power to pads that induce
electrostatic  charges  onto  the  wall’s
_  In contrast to conventional dry or liquid
adhesives, electro adhesion is able to
repeatedly clamp onto damp, dusty, or
dirty surfaces.
_  Our Robot can climb on concrete, wood,
steel, glass, drywall, and brick surfaces,
and are undeterred by bumps, corners,
cracks, and other surface variations.
5.8 Fire Detection:
_  LDR’s are employed to sense the Fire,
Here  we  use  powerful  and  sensitive
"LDR" (Light Dependent Resistor) for
the flame detection.
_  Normally LDR senses all the lights.  But
in our case we have to sense only Blue
and Yellow flame and reject sunlight
and other luminaries.
_  We have provided necessary circuit to
reject ambient and luminaries lightings
and senses only desired flame coloring
We have started with the implementation of our
robot  and  have  finished  implementing  the
humanoid robot which has the capability to walk
like human. The robot also has the inbuilt AI so
that it can make decisions on his own. The

sample        microcontroller       coding        for
implementation of robot is as given below.

_  Our robot has remote controlling facility
so that it can be controlled from any
where in the world.
_  Our robot also has an in built bomb
diffusion  technique  which  is  a  new
_  Our robot can also climb terrains and
combat with the intruders.
_  One of he disadvantage of our robot is
that the response time is high.
_  Our future aim is to reduce the response
time to a greater extent.
_  We are also working on adding some
more new applications to our robot.

The  proposed  system  is  aimed  towards  the
welfare infantry to minimize the causalities to a

great extent. This also helps on remote bomb
detonation and automatic bomb detection. Our robot also has terrain climbing facility so that it can be used in hilly regions. Hence, 7th SENSE is sure to create a revolution in its own field and ensure  complete  support  from  people  of different societies.

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