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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Are you born in the 1990s? These are racing games that lead to your old memories

Are you born in the 1990s? These are racing games that lead to your old memories

                                  Road Rash 

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If you have been born in the 1990s and have not played until the Road Rash game, you mean that you have lost one of the essential things in your life. The video game in the 'Vehicular Combat Racing' category is the production of Electronic Arts (Electroni Arts). It was very low on the MB, and even with 1GB of RAM, even the computers that did not even have a graphics card, this game worked flawlessly. For many of their teenage years in the 1990s, RoadRes was the reason for the gamer among themselves.

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Road rash was the oldest race track, clashing on the roads / vehicles on the road, trampling race drivers with us, road rack to attack the policemen who chase us off the baseball bat - bicycle chain. The names of music, racers, and game formats of this game are not so memorable that it's too late

                                 Road Fighter (1984)

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If you are born in the 1900s, 15 years before their life, the 8-bit MIDI noise of the road fighter game will ring at your ear. Although the screen size is small, in the CRT genre DVDs, the videogame canteen connect and the joy stick is played in a single hand and does not know the time. Arcade category video game made by Konami company.
In this we will have a red car, which should go across the road without hurting the oil poles and other vehicles across the road. So if the time and fu If we break the car that comes in between the race, we get more fuel. The race track is set in the bridge between the grass and the beach, the mountains and the surrounding area.

                       Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002)

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Players of Grand Theft Auto (GTA - Grand Theft Auto) will actually make a nice deal with traffic jam. There is no surprise that VICE City is considered as a masterpiece in GTA Series games. From Vice City to Miami, you can move to our favorite vehicle on two islands. Hence the ability to hijack the airplane, juggle / shoot down the road, clash with the rider, race with other vehicles for cash, to buy and sell weapons and weapons.Related image
In short, in this game where Mass Action Episodes, we can become the town's tan like the Godfather / Kabali. This game, designed by Rockstar San Diego studio, was well received by cam enthusiasts for music, game set and visuals. But also the controversy surrounding the game of violence and caste differences in the minds of the gamers

Saturday, 5 May 2018

A flying car!

                         A flying car!

Image result for flying carWith the development of modern technology, many new cars are introduced every day. The new AeroMobil will be launched on 20th of this month.

AeroMobil has been conducting research for ten years and has now designed a flying car. The new car will be introduced in the Marcus Monaco Supercar show.

The highlight is that this car is designed in the form of traveling in the sky and on the road. In a 5-foot-long flying car, only two people can sail.
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With a lightweight steel frame work and carbon coding, this flying car will be 26 feet wide and 19 feet long when it turns into an airplane. Ashtanga travels up to 310 miles on the road. It is not mandatory for those who use the driver's driver's license and it is mandatory to have a driver's license

Friday, 4 May 2018

Awesome Accidental Discoveries and Inventions in Science

Awesome Accidental Discoveries and Inventions in Science

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There are lot of things in science which are being invented by accident and such inventions have happened in the past, happening in the present and will happen in the future. It is not going to end. The fascinating fact is that many such inventions have happened in the past, which means, a scientist trying to invent something, invents something else accidentally. This Arivu Dose tells you about 5 such accidental inventions.
In 1907, Leo Baekeland tried to invent an artificial resin to replace the natural resin called Shellac. But he didn’t invent artificial resin. Accidently he invented the Plastic and has become the sole reason for the abundant plastic usage in the present.
In 1878 Constantin Fahlberg, a chemist forgot to wash his hands. When he tasted his fingers after going home, it tasted sweet. It led to the accidental discovery of the artificial sweetener, saccharine, used by Diabetic patients these days.
In 1945, Percy Spencer, who was researching about Radar, noticed that the chocolates in his pockets were melting during those researches. This led to the invention of Microwave Owen.
This 4th invention is undoubtedly accidental but the person responsible for it is not known. After 1772, nitrous oxide was used as laughing gas for so many years. It was later found that when nitrous oxide is inhaled in large quantity, it causes unconsciousness but people were unaware of this usage. Only in 1844, Horace Wells, a dentist, accidentally discovered that it can be used as an anesthetic agent. He noticed that when his friend who inhaled nitrous oxide in large quantity fell down and got a cut injury. But he didn’t feel the pain. This led to the basis of modern anesthesia.
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The most important discovery in the medical field happened accidently. In 1928, Alexander Fleming was researching on influenza virus. When he returned back from vacation he noticed that he has forgotten to close one of the dishes with a bacteria called Staphylococci. When he came to discard it, he noticed the growth of fungi on it. The amazing thing is that the bacteria have spread all over the dish except in places where there was fungus. He accidentally discovered that the bacteria are avoiding the fungi and ultimately invented penicillin. This antibiotic saves us from lot of infections.Image result for Awesome Accidental Discoveries and Inventions in Science
There are so many inventions and discoveries made accidentally. One thing has led to another and has changed the course of human life. So, don’t lose hope. When your food tastes different next time, try to find out why. You may find something that changes the whole world


                              JEANS AND ITS HISTORY

The jeans are the ones wearing for the baby's first beard and the big beans. But where did it really come from? It's a bit more interesting to know what its history is.
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In the 8-th centuries, the gold-cutting work in California was very active. At that time, Levi Strauss, a young man from New York, went to California to do business.
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All the clothes that went with Lewistras have been sold out. But the canvas type fabric was just the same. Levy's customers are those working in the mine. All of them were laughing at Levi. The tough work in the mine was often said to be tearing the band.

The band does not bother them. We need to sell our canvas fabric. This idea came to Levy when I thought what to do with it.

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With that in mind, the band touched her in a canvas cloth. When the brass nuts he had bought in his eyes, he got another idea.

Workers in the tunnel will have to put some hard stuff into the band packets. So often the band packets will be torn apart. With that in mind, he began to sell his brass nuts on the edges of the band pocket.

The new type of canvas pants attracted miners. All miners have become his clients.

Then, from Italy, he bought a blue dye of jennas and banded. It has become popular in recent years and today we all love jeans worn.....

One day the President of the United States

               One day the President of the United States

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Jimmy Taylor, the new president, would be in charge of the new president 4.3.1849 the day after the term of James K. Pokh, the then US president, was 3.3.1849 but he refused to take charge on Sunday. The United States should not have a single day in office and should not remain in office for one day even after the term of office. David Rice Audition took over as president of the day, considering that the senator's chairman would be in charge of the inevitable situation

He was 24-hour president, and has been inscribed on his hometown of Flatbark, and is labeled as the one-day president of the United States. He began his career as a lawyer and later became involved in politics. He is the voice of violence against slavery.Image result for ‘DAVID RICE ATCHISON


Image result for escape velocityEverything in this universe has a gravitational force, the key to the Earth's gravitational force, that we know everything helps to keep things in balance. We know that Newton put his research on the gravitational force with the back of the apple fruit flowing down, but how does Apple go ahead with the gravitational force, how much power it needs and how much speed it needs. When we examined all this, we found a velocity that was released. The escape velocity is a small velocity that must be given to the surface of the planet to escape the gravitational pull of the object.

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If the rocket rises up to 11 km to 11.3 kilometers a second, it will leave the Earth, ie, beyond the river, without falling down. It's roughly 25 thousand miles a minute. There is no need for speed

Thursday, 3 May 2018

2 stroke champion

                        2 stroke championImage result for சுஸூகி AX100

The blue smoke, the stunning performance of the 2 stroke bikes, the distinctive edward noise, are still in the heart of the bike lovers and the sound of their ears.
Only those who have driven such a bike can only understand the satisfaction of driving such bikes! But a successful product on the market, does it have a result? Across the world, severe storm control regulations were forced to lose 2 stroke bikes for their location. Currently, 2 Stroke technology, the KTM company lives with its MotoCross bikes

2 stroke bikes that are listed on the list of historic goods are sold at the market for sale at today's millennial era. Because there is a lot of demand, the fans are always on the bench, regardless of the price at any price. In some races today, 2 stroke bikes are still used, and its quality - witness to everyone!
And even if there are so many modern bikes, all the eyes are on us when we go on the road in classic bikes; Then there is no words to describe the sense of what is inside us! Will we look back at 2-stroke bikes in 1980-1990, supposedly the golden age of bikes in India? Following Yamaha Bikes, let's see another Japanese company Suzuki's 2 stroke bikes

                      Suzuki AX100

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In the Indian bike market, Bullet, Java and Rajdhot, which were sold in 1984, were very heavy and they were hard to handle. And for this reason, the mileage of those bikes does not tell. Therefore, the "heavyweight" bikes, the "Light-weight" bag, the AX100's collapse is contradictory; The bike, which was launched for the big revolution in India's automobile market, was then successful with Mobit's successful Indian company TVS, along with Japan's Suzuki,
Introduced in the name of 'Indu Suzuki'. It is proud that 'an Indian company, the first one produced by a foreign company' The bike, which had a 7.8 bhp bumper rollercoaster cylinder, 2 stroke, 98.2 cc engine, gave a lot of mileage with enough performance and became very popular shortly! The bike's engine, with many modern technologies over time, has been sold in our country for almost 20 years, without making any changes

Like the one in the splendor engine, the hero is preparing several bikes (HF Dawn, HF Deluxe, Splendor Pro, Splendor +, Passion Pro), as well as the same engine - a model that follows the model of the bike. Supra, Samurai, Max 100R bikes are the best examples. As we said before. The weight of this lightweight bike is just 98kg! As compared to other bikes, it was much easier to handle, and for the first time the bike was the AX100 for the bike.
And compared to the bikes sold at that time, its maintenance costs were very low. The 'Suzuki AX100' bike became the product of the quality and reliability of the Japanese products. As with its standard, the TVS advertises this as "No Problem Bike." Besides, Suzuki has been able to make changes in order to make the bike more time-consuming. And later ranked in the racing team of the TVS, hitting several victories and trophies in bike races