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Sugar vs Jaggery (sugar is the agent of dead)

.Sugar vs Jaggery
✔️Benefits of Jaggery

1.Jaggery is rich in vitamins & minerals
2.Jaggery is absorbed slowly
3.Has less calories than sugar
4.Builds immunity
5.Good for lungs
6.Jaggery helps in digestion
7. Prevents constipation
8. Detoxifies liver/ Purifies blood/ Cleanses body
9. Controls blood pressure
10. Boosts energy levels
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❌Health Hazards of Sugar

1. Sugar causes glucose levels to spike and plummet
2.Sugar increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.
3. Affects the immune system
4. Accelerates Ageing
5. Causes chromium deficiency
6. Affects tooth and gums
7. Affects cognition
8. Increases stress
9. Causes obesity
10. Increases risk of cancer, diabetes and depression

Friday, 22 May 2020

Mechanical creativity photos

Amazing creativity from mechanical engineers
Creativity from honey heart engineers 

Honey can getting from iron
What a creativity

birthday gift for engineers
If a civil engineer married mechanical engineer

World's First Automobile

World's First Automobile

Developed by Karl Benz, this was a tri-wheeler, having one cylinder two stroke gasoline engine roaming the streets in 1879. 

Karl Benz later formed a company which we know by the name of Mercedes-Benz

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       Looking at a student who was writing '1000' on the blackboard and constantly stumbling into his classroom, his math teacher said, "How much is this?" He asked. Though confident, feeling a little embarrassed at the simplicity of the question, he replied, "thousand" Now the teacher wrote an additional zero to the right of the number, '10000' and asked him again how much it was. "Ten thousand," was the immediate answer. Now write another zero to the left of the number '010000' and ask how much it is. "The same ten thousand," he replied.

As the teacher smiles at him, "When an unimportant number follows an important me, its value increases. When the former tries to reach that important number, it has no value. It is the relationship between teacher and student. A student follows his teacher." If you go, he'll get his value.

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

List of Top Free Online Courses in 2020 with Free Certificates

List of Top Free Online Courses in 2020 with Free Certificates

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12) Free Online Psychology Courses 2020 with free certificates


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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Group 4 result check it now

Tamil Nadu Public Services Commission (TNPSC) conducts the combined civil services examination - 4 (Group-IV )was conducted dated on 1-9-2019  and the result was published to evening  below link is direct link you can check your link without any traffic all the best fnds

Technical world 

Monday, 11 November 2019

Mother is the super power

"Mother" is not just a word.

Everything we have learned in this world is from our mother
When I speak to her, she teaches to speak, only in poverty and in the way of integrity.

Anger of the evil demon, the absence of God's noble creative mother only such quality anywhere else in the annals view available priceless life lesson Mother only in the form that we learn, we are able, atomic than the excess energy is Mother's loving policy of the tower's beauty enjoys world, Enoch foundation of the sacrifice do not know Yes we have a tower height to reach the Nama My mother not only withstand the foundation.
Even though you are like a ghost, we can use our body, material and spirit

The only reason anyone in this world who has struggled with the sixth sense is the seventh sense is that he will take medication even before we feel pain in our body.

There is no obedience to slavery from an early age, it is only Mother who sows within us the human dignity.
Edison's declaration of foolishness in the eyes of the world made the world wonder

Mariappan was the only asset of the Paralympics to win gold in the excluded community

She is a mother
She is the only one who can carry the burden of life on her head to carry the crown load on our heads

Only the world-renowned editor, who knew the author,
There are students who have lost their education but there is no one who is affectionate
Mother only has the power to turn grievances into subjectivities. Therefore, I conclude my speech by saying that the head of our life is the best teacher and mother.
Thank you and good bye

Sugar vs Jaggery (sugar is the agent of dead)

.Sugar vs Jaggery DO YOU WANT THIS CLICK HERE ✔️Benefits of Jaggery 1.Jaggery is rich in vitamins & minerals 2.Jaggery is ab...

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