Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Do you know where life goes after death? this is the truth..!

Do you know where life goes after death? this is the truth..!

The question is often asked by biologists

1. Where does life go after death?

Answer: Life is a kinetic energy. The food we need for the energy + of the wind + and the water that we are producing is producing our body like a power battery that can be thrown up .. Anybody who did not act in the power of the electric battery was asked where?

2. What then is death?

Answer: Death is essentially inactive to the Vital functions in our body. Breathe, the heartbeat stops, the body's inertia, the brain passing, the biology declares that death is the only thing that dies from the body of the body. There is no scientific evidence to say that there is no scientific evidence.

3. Is Life After Death?

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Answer: You need to have the brain to live life. If brain cells in the brain are affected, the brain does not work. So there is no life after death .. After the death of millions of millions of microorganisms and worms, our body will turn into the body of the old memories.

4. Science says that we have the soul of life, weighing the human body at death.

Answer: This is also an artifact. At the time of death, only 0.0005 g of the body will lose (a sugar powder). The loss is the exit of the gases in the body, particularly the foam
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5. Are some studies suggest that there is life after death?

Answer: The Art of Non-Scientific Analysts Near Near Experience Science rejects this because it does not give any evidence.


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