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Thursday, 16 February 2017

energy doors

                  Energy Doors

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Energy Doors – as the name suggests, doors that can produce electricity. The input is the human energy. The electricity produced can be stored in a battery or can be used directly to provide power to small electrical appliances.
There are two types of energy doors:
1.      Mechanical Energy Doors
2.      Electronic Energy Doors.
The energy door which has gears, flywheels, and an alternator is called mechanical energy doors. The energy door which has lightning piezoelectric components is called as electronic energy doors.
Mechanical Energy doors can be used in public places to produce electricity and electronic energy doors can be used in private buildings, as they produce more electricity than mechanical systems.
The door is connected to a mechanism which has either mechanical components or electronic components. When the door is opened or closed, the given human power, which causes the mechanical motion, is converted into electricity by the alternator or lightning piezoelectric component.
This energy door can be mainly used for powering lighting system using LED’s as they require only small amount of electricity. This reduces the electricity bill and mainly, it reduces the usage of fossil fuels used to produce electricity which cause pollution to Image result for power produce from doorsthe environment.

The main aim of the energy door is to save the environment by providing power using freely available human power without causing any pollution to the environment.Related image
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