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                                            WEDGE BRAKING SYSTEM

                    This concept  deals with the introduction of electronic wedge brake into the braking system.

It is a new way of braking system i.e. breaking without hydraulics like the conventional brake. It can dramatically reduce stopping distances of cars compared with conventional hydraulic systems. It gives more efficiency to the braking system. The entire system runs on the standard 12-volt electrical system found in most cars.. We also designed single motor electronic wedge brake system which is very effective when compared to normal electronic wedge brake (EWB) which uses two motor.

             What is Electronic Wedge Brake?

The electronic wedge brake works by a similar principle to that used in brakes for horse-
Drawn carriages, where a wedge was used to bring the wheel to a standstill. The EWB,
however, relies on sophisticated sensor technology and electronics to prevent the brakes
from locking and ensure highly efficient and controlled braking .

The wedge uses a vehicle’s kinetic energy, converting it into braking energy. By reinforcing itself this way, the EWB needs only one tenth of the actuating energy required by today's hydraulic braking systems.

Given this superior efficiency, the EWB will also have smaller dimensions, which will reduce total vehicle weight. What’s more, the EWB will dispense with the need for brake lines, a servo-unit and a brake fluid reservoir.

While a conventional ABS takes between 140 and 170 milliseconds to generate full braking power, the EWB needs only about 100 milliseconds and therefore shortens the braking distance because a car covers the distance of 1.40 meters in one second at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour.


                    below Schematic diagram of the electronic wedge brake:


           Components OF Electronic Wedge Brake system:

The components of the electronic wedge brake system is shown below.
                              a)             Brake calliper
                              b)             Brake disc
                              c)             Brake pad
                              d)            Motor(single  phase induction motor)
                              e)             Wedge shaped system
                               f)              Rollers.

Working of Electronic Wedge Brake system:

the piston and the fluid ducts are replaced by a double plate (6), slick on one side and featuring wedge-shaped "teeth" on the other. The two teethed plates face each other and lodged between the teeth are small cylindrical rollers (5). In the caliper, as with a regular brake, the rubbing pad (2) is set against the fixed, interior plate of the caliper, while the other pad (exterior) is set against the floating plate of the caliper. Two small electric motors (3 and 4) also located in the caliper move the wedges against one another. As a result, when the brake pedal is depressed, the wedges are "activated"; they push back both plates and force the pads against the disc. Here  the wedge effect automatically increases the brake force that is applied. In reality, it's the kinetic energy of the moving vehicle that helps to slow it down. In other words, the faster the vehicle goes, the harder the brakes react.


                       Advantages of EWB:

1. The EWB is more efficient.
2. It responds faster.
3. Requires one tenth of the energy that of conventional brake system.
4. The EWB will dispense the need for brake lines, a servo-unit, and a brake fluid reservoir.
5. It also eliminates brake vaccum boosters ,pistons etc.
6. The system also has faster reaction time.
7. It works three times than quicker than the conventional brakes(100ms).
8. The braking distance required from 100 km/h to 0 km/h was reduced by half in the EWB.


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