Wednesday, 4 June 2014

history of locomotive by moses dhilip kumar


The first self-propelling steam engine or steam locomotive made its outing on 13 February 1804.
                  this engine not able to carry ,more weight only it carry 10 to 15 tones
and its purely steam power engine now a days lot of power sources available but that time  steam is 

very great innovative one  this first engine travel only km/h,    at the initial stage peoples waiting  for water gets steam for long time but they are enjoy to sea  locomotive motives forward                                             The first public railway was the Stockton and Darling ton Railway.

Stephenson-designed locos, the first of which was called Locomotion. now a days lots of technology 

growth very fast but we never skip old this type innovates because this all are under not a just an engineering . 

backbone of engineering  lot of travelling vehicle available but middle class people until now they are like travel only in train . so this time we respect those who are involve and helps  to innovative the locomotive 

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