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Friday, 3 February 2017


                                        WORLD UN FORGETTABLE BLACK DAY

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Yes friends now i want to share unforgettable Japan Nuclear accident ,  surely that day was a another black day of world history,

                              13/3/2011 Monday (4:30a.m.) 

                   A second hydrogen explosion occurred at an earthquake-damaged nuclear reactor north of Toyko Monday. The blast is said to have been caused by a build-up of gas at Fukushima's station's No. 3 reactor

japanese government officals have said, however, that there was no large release of radiation, and that the reactors themselves were not breached. They continue to monitor the situation.

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                    In the meantime, Japanese government officials are now estimating the death toll from latest week's earthquake and tsunami could be as high as 10,000, although the official toll is 1,627 dead, 1,720 injured and 1,962 missing. Over 350,000 people are believed to be living in emergency shelters. There are reports from the Kyodo news agency that 2,000 bodies have been recovered on the shores of Miyagi prefecture, where the tsunami hit on Friday.
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                  Japan's Prime Minister Naoto Kan said Monday: 'Our country faces its worst crisis since the end of the war 65 years ago. (But) I'm convinced that the Japanese people, working together, can overcome this' because this is very worst time to save people  climate not co operate the situation 
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         In my point of view lot of engineers live in this world each and every one responsible for this , because we can change the this type of hazards , we can find new methods to produce electricity otherwise this will definitely happens in future  yesterday japan today may be we or tomorrow  

friends you know this 

Number of Reactors world-wide

if this will continue we never smile even what mistakes done this kids for our mistakes

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 Think friends support green energy creation , thank you so much for read this article 

by moses dhilip kumar

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