Tuesday, 30 July 2013


HAI dear readers this is new  and interesting        top 5 multi nation earning companys

top no 5;

                      google company got top 5 'th place and this campany turn over 49.5 million dollars  and their tax amount is 2 million dollars
         and their profit amount  15.2 million dollers      

top no 4;


           oracle  company got 4 th place their turn over 29.74  and abroad investment i2.7 million and profit is 21.2 millions

top 3
                  this casco is very huge amount turn over got comparing to previous twos
 and their turn over amount is 46.74 million dollars    their tax amount is 2 million dollars   

top   2

           DO U GUESS   which one is got second       yes    the great    MICRO SOFT   they got 2 nd place total amount 59.5 million dollars  and THEIR tax amount 3.5 million dollars

TOP 1    

         APPLE IS GOT NO 1 place because their turn over amount    110  million dollars    this is the high comparing      to above companys          ,,,,,,,,,congrats  apple              ..............

by moses 

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