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by moses dhilip kumar

ABSTRACT— An HHO car is a vehicle that is partly powered by water. HHO is what happens when one electrolyzes water (H2O) into its gaseous (HHO) components .The HHO car uses HHO (Brown) gas to supplement the gasoline or diesel-powered internal combustion engine, which helps the gasoline burn more cleanly and efficiently. The HHO car is not a 100-percent water car. In addition, the HHO car is not a typical hydrogen car. It is a vehicle with an HHO generator installed upon it that helps to save gas and lower the emissions of fossil fuel.
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Brown's gas = water decomposed in hydrogen & oxygen 
                          By electricity 

        When water (H2O) is electrolyzed it is cracked into its elemental components of hydrogen and oxygen loosely bonded (HHO). This HHO gas is then injected into a vehicle’s intake system.

What is Brown’s Gas?

Brown’s Gas is the product of the dissociation of water by electrolysis, using the gas generator patented world wide by Professor Yull Brown. It is a completely safe, compressed stoichometric mixture of atomic and molecular hydrogen and oxygen. It is colorless, odorless, lighter than air, and non-toxic.

Properties of Brown’s Gas
•       Brown’s Gas burns with a clean flame. It will burn in a vacuum, or under water. It uses no atmospheric oxygen, and creates only pure water as its sole combustion product.
•       Brown’s Gas contains no hydrocarbons, and therefore is incapable of producing carbon dioxide, or any other atmospheric pollutant, when ignited.
•       Brown’s Gas cannot explode. One liter of water produces 1860 liters of gas. When this gas is ignited, the volume is reduced to the original one liter of water. This characteristic is very useful in the creation of near-perfect vacuums.
•       Brown’s Gas is produced from a very plentiful fuel, water, and is many times less expensive than conventional bottled gas.
•       Very high temperatures are obtainable when Brown’s Gas is ignited using a standard torch. Brown’s Gas is strongly ionized, and exhibits many of the characteristics of plasma, at a small fraction of the cost.

Advantages of Brown’s Gas ~
•       Brown’s Gas is derived from ordinary water, a plentiful and readily available fuel, is safe and pollution-free, and presents no hazard to the environment.
•       Due to its stoichometric nature, Brown’s Gas normally burns with a perfectly neutral flame. This flame can be modified, fluxed and switched from a reducing to an oxidizing flame at extremely high frequencies.
•       The heat is highly concentrated, can be applied with extreme accuracy and is axial in nature.
•       Brown’s Gas is produced on demand, where and when needed so no storage is required. It can, therefore, be used in locations where bottled gas is prohibited.
•       Since Brown’s Gas is lighter than air no dangerous concentrations of gas are likely. Since it uses no oxygen from the atmosphere, it can be used safely in closed spaces. Brown’s gas is completely safe to generate and use, is pollution-free and does not contribute in any way to the greenhouse effect.


Hydrogen Gas Generator set up in Car

Why a HHO Gas injection system?

     HHO gas is the rediscovered innovation to improve the combustion of fossil fuels, resulting in increased power and cleaner emissions. The car will not be totally dependent on water but will be a hybrid of sorts by utilizing water as a catalyst once it is broken down to so called HHO gas. By using HHO gas, one can expect to see an increase in gas mileage between 10 - 60% (depending on engine design, fuel and HHO gas volume). The oxygen & hydrogen improves the combustion of fossil fuels.

In a carburetor, the air that is filled with Hydrogen will explode mili seconds faster than air with no hydrogen,  resulting in that the whole combustion chamber that's filled with hydrogen to explode all at once when the spark plug activate a spark. This result in a better combustion of the fuel. The amount of energy in it (442 Kcal) add "fuel" to help push down the piston. At normal temperature and pressure, HHO gas   can burn when it is between 4% and 94% hydrogen by volume. If you cannot get to 4% nothing will happen.

How does it work?   

With electricity from your vehicle's battery HHO is being produced from water mixed with catalyst like KOH or NAOH, which is directed to the vehicle's air-intake.

Because hho gas is mixed with air we will be needing up to 60% less conventional fuels like gasoline and diesel.

With a medium sized engine and medium size HHO generator the average is 20-30% in fuel savings.

Maybe even more important - air pollution will be significantly reduced (60-90%)

Diesel or Petrol/Gas engines have a totally different way of combustion.  In general the best savings are with Petrol engines. But tests have confirmed 30% fuel savings with several diesel car engines. Average on large modern Diesel engines will be between 10 & 20 % in average.

 In general the first results appear after the first 60 miles. The HHO gas will clean the engine and will quickly start to run smoother. It takes time to totally clean the inside of the engine. Petrol engines or more polluted than Diesel engines.

As the HHO fuel cleans up your engine expect even more savings within 2 weeks (400 miles) use because of a more efficient running engine.  Also it will run more smooth and silent.

How to use a HHO Gas Fuel Saver

•       Depending on generator design, use distilled water or bottled mineral water with a catalyst.

Natural Gas
Carbon Monoxide
•       Only refill your fuel saver when cold and engine turned    off.

•       Only turn your fuel saver on when engine is running.

•       Do not exceed power recommended by the manufacturer.
(in general 10 - 30 amps at 12 volt.)


•       Distance between plates > 3mm

•       Electrodes should be made of 316 L stainless steel

•       Use distilled water and NaOH or  KOH for electrolyte

•       Don't exceed 2.2 volts between the plates

•       Keep the HHO Cell temperature under  50 degrees         Celsius

 CO2 reduction

-  Fossil Fuel Emission Levels
- Pounds per Billion Btu of Energy Input


  Thus due the addition of HHO gas we can get better mileage, keep the engine clean, improve the combustion process and reduce the emissions.


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moses dhilipkumar said...

thanks for your comments stay on this blog surly i will share lot of things thank u sir

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